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What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a resourceful attitude and an effective toolbox for achieving successful results in various fields, such as therapy, personal growth, education, relationships, health, sports, prosperity, business, marketing and much more. NLP is a kind of "user manual" for the human brain. A user manual for understanding and changing the way we think act and feel. These tools enable you to form your personal and professional life, so you will feel the way you want to feel, behave the way you want to behave, achieve and fulfill the results you wish for in your life, in your relationship, career, etc.

NLP models excellence in order to create success in various fields. In every field there are people who achieve excellent results. Therapists who succeed with assisting their clients to create a meaningful change in their life. Extremely successful business people. Sales people with the highest sales records. Education professionals that are naturally and elegantly engaging and helping students to learn in the most effective way. There are some people that are really excellent in interpersonal communication. Some people are talented in living a peaceful, fulfilling life.

NLP was created by observing people from various fields who naturally achieve extraordinary positive results. Analyzing the patterns of these gifted successful people led to the development of techniques that any person can learn and use. This means, NLP was created based on things that work successfully. NLP tools have been researched and proven to be effective in achieving successful long term results. More specifically, NLP provides tools that enable you to set goals and achieve them; Tools to reduce negative feelings; Tools to connect to positive feelings and states; Tools to press the "on buttons" for the best "you"; Tools to improve your interpersonal communication; Tools to model excellence in any field. NLP teaches you to read and understand people, to influence using words. NLP has tools to assist you with identifying priorities in your life, as well as your blocks; Tools to break through these blocks; Tools for assisting you in making the right choices for you. Attitude and tools for prosperity, for health, for positive satisfying relationships, and more.

NLP is a collection of various techniques. Some techniques are applicable in everyday conversation, many in hypnotherapeutic trance. There are techniques that use conditioning principles, and more. The focus is flexible and can vary between orientation of "here and now", future orientation, or healing past wounds and experiencing the growth from that. NLP is also well known for its highly effective techniques for releasing from fears and phobias, and techniques for changing unwanted habits and behaviors.

Sounds like magic? Here I'll quote Arthur Clark: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". Imagine the people who saw the first airplane take off and fly in the sky. Perhaps it seemed like magic to them... for many of us today it is still magic... but is it really magic, or is it sufficiently advanced technology, for flying in the sky? In the same way NLP is a sufficiently advanced technology for helping people flourish and reach their desired outcomes.

"I don't remember who I was before this (NLP Practitioner) course. I have made here such a transformation, that I do not have words to describe it".
Boaz Franklin, Computer engineer

"This course (NLP Practitioner) has expanded my horizons, and has given me a number of new tools that I didn't have before as well as deepened and enhanced many tools from the fields of guided imagery and the belief in self and others"
Roni Nisimov, M.D. Certified Hypnotherapist

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