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Excessive Drinking- an Australian Plague

By Yael Tsvieli Reiss

The secret that successful advertising uses to buy your buying, is the same secret that causes so many people in Australia to engage in excessive drinking. The simple secret is that we look around us and we do what most people do. If most people do something we feel this something must be safe, that it's right, we feel that so many people can't be wrong - otherwise why would everybody do it? The sad truth is that in our society today most people do go wrong. Obesity, heart disease, depression, anxiety, diabetes, are only a partial list of widespread epidemics that prove most people can go wrong. If you were an alien landing in Aus, you would be shocked by the amounts of alcohol you see consumed here considering the amount of damage it causes, especially in relation to the little benefit it brings. The lives of people dimmed by losing control to alcohol, the lives that are lost due to drunk driving and alcohol related diseases. Next time you see people drink notice what happens when you look at them through this alien's eyes. Notice what you haven't noticed before.

Excessive drinking occurs at all socio-economic levels in Australia. It's not the dysfunctional alcoholics. It's the many people like me and you, working, maintaining a "normal life". The pattern most people follow when falling into the alcohol rut involves using alcohol to socialise, self- medicate, relax, forget loneliness problems or stress. Then it becomes a habit that with time stops providing comfort, but just involves satisfying the want, more so on weekends. On Monday mornings comes the regret, and then people start looking for a way out of it.

There is a way out of it. If what you do doesn't work - it's time to do something else, something that actually works.

For an effective solution, try what has worked for many others: Hypnotherapy and NLP.

© All content by Yael Tsvieli Reiss

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